Sunday, 29 June 2014

RB EVENT HORIZON multieffect

UI mockup of main "Grid" screen for multi effect Event Horizon. EH will be huge bundle of unique effects that you can add to the main grid and create various paths in real time by drawing them on it. Each effect are represented by its main knob that you can tape to switch on/off, press and hold to enter inner edit mode, rotate to adjust its strength or press with two fingers to enter effects library and change it to different effect. EH will offer its own song sequencer and pattern editor. Beside drawing patch you will have ability to use two special knob-buttons: "R" (Rebel Patch Randomiser) and "B" (Burst Inside Button). First knob-button will be responsible for quick randomise of active patch when the second one will randomise internal settings of each effect. Rotating the knobs adjust intensity of changes. Event Horizon will also offer internal quantization for patch drawing/activating. Its designed to spontaneous tweaks and "drops" in electronic music witch trigger finger feeling. Event Horizon is one of first projects I'm working on in Rebel Bastion.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Few Animations And Sound Sketches

2 stop motion animations which I made quite long time ago, right now definitely I would use different workflow... quite time consuming. I made them on my old duff laptop so resolution was bad and work was painfull but there is something in doing animations that reward all efforts, computer restarting and sleepless weeks. Those animations have several years so they might have some quality shortcomings but I have a fondness for them.


well that was on the same duff laptop...

Friday, 28 February 2014


Soon big update, for now small sneak peek of few model's that I'm currently sculpting (when its possible I do like to modeling various things at the same time and coming back to them later witch fresh mind).

MORR1GAN exoskeleton suit (WIP)
I was trying to achieve light, dynamic and agile look witch aesthetic that I enjoy so much in MGS, DeusEx HR, Ghost in the Shell and Crysis.

I've started witch bulky look from 70's S-F (you can see some leftovers on third image) but project become more and more "hi-tec"

This guy suppose to be massive badass. 5TRIPLIN9 older brother ;)

Few animals models that I started to designing, right now they are more concepts than finished models and I still defining main proportions, their specific abilities etc.  Later I will apply fur to the animals but for now I'm still define their style, simplify and squeeze the essence. Models are pretty simple but I spend most of the time defining the style and their characters. I want to make them look fluffy, fragile/disoriented, friendly and cute but in the same time there suppose to be rebel in their eyes and determination to fight for their forest. Tittle of the project is Fluffy Freaks and it suppose to be platform game for mobile platforms. While ago I was having idea for story to enrich runner game we was doing in Superhippo. Idea wasn't been used and it started to evolve in my head to something different. Main character- small narcoleptic fox (not modelled yet, fox on images is his older brother) waking up one day and find out that his parents are gone and whole forest is changed and mutated witch most of its inhabitants. Responsible for that is evil corporation and their experiments. Well I have few other ideas for the story (maybe something less corp and more magic) but basic idea is something like that for now. Fox will travel and release other animals (also playable and witch special abilities) and fight witch corpo-lab-robot-enemies. There will be no way to die in this game, if the character will be hit by the enemy he will fall asleep and squirrels will appear distracting the enemy from the character by throwing peanuts (they will be released in training mission). Stunned character will dream and cloud like in comics book will appear witch random puzzle game and timer, after solving the puzzle the image will reveal the memories of his family etc. Monetisation will be available through paying for more time for solving puzzle game but it wont be necessary for finishing the game. Time will be shorter through progressing of the game and If player wont solve the puzzle on time puzzles will reshuffle. I was thinking about puzzles like in old adventure game Dizzy: ( it was first adventure game which I played;). I was thinking about some sort of style cross between Metal Slug, Rayman, Samorost and work of Nick Park for the game.

concept of helicopter I started to modeling. Inspired by Bell AH-1 Cobra silhouette.

Plane I'm making right now for friend competition. Adam go back to work! First image is from earlier stage I didn't like bomb in the middle (too steam-artdeco)

3 Heroes from Pirate Legends TD. Game is awesome and available on iOS (soon Android).

Few concept art, mockup's, UI and 2D game assets

I will update this post after organise mess on my pc, for now:

Two personal work, probably I'll work on them more.

Enemy's concept's for Pirate Legends TD (SUPERHIPPO). Game is available for free for iOS and imho it's best looking, most funny and polished game for that platform. Official site with link to iTune: Those concepts are for upcoming "Viking" update.

 Theme that I made for Golden Slots Casino when I was working for SUPERHIPPO. GSC is available for free at